*Please Read – You will sign this the day of the event

I assume full responsibility for risk of bodily injury, illness or property damage incurred by myself arising either directly or indirectly from participation at Carrie’s Kids. I agree to release Carrie’s Kids, Inc. and Carrie’s Kids Inc., board of directors, employees and volunteers from any liability for any injury or illness to myself during my participation at Carrie’s Kids.

Also, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Carrie’s Kids, Inc. and Carrie’s Kids Inc., board of directors, employees and volunteers for any liability that may arise as a result of my non-criminal, or criminal, willful or fraudulent acts or omissions that occur during participation at Carrie’s Kids.


As a participant agency and/or volunteer at Carrie’s Kids, I understand the necessity to respect the privacy and privacy rights of the people being served.

I understand that;

  1. The purpose of gathering and sharing at Carrie’s Kids event(s), Clubs or Groups, is to provide a positive, safe and fun atmosphere for all participants.
  2. Sharing of personal information will be limited to that which will help achieve this purpose.
  3. I promise to not share the names of the participants or any information gathered. The unauthorized release of any protected information may make me subject to a civil action for damages. In addition, federal and State laws protecting information relating to provision of confidential information, including but not limited to mental health and substance abuse information apply. These laws may have additional penalties, including criminal penalties for unauthorized release of information.
  4. I will not leave Carrie’s Kids with any documents, photos or other information.
  5. You agree that any inquiries by any person or entity, including the press, regarding or relating to CARING FOR KIDS shall be directed to Carrie Grosz of Carrie’s Kids and that you have absolutely no authority to speak for or on behalf of CARING FOR KIDS, and/or Carrie’s Kids.
  6. You shall disclose to Carrie’s Kids any known conflict of interest and shall avoid receiving any Confidential Information, participating in any discussions or providing any advice to a participant in CARING FOR KIDS, in which you, or an immediate family member have a conflict of interest.

All participant agency and/or volunteer will sign this Code of Conduct indicating that you have received a copy of it, understand it, and will comply with this Code.

Please indicate that you have received, read, and will abide by this Code of Conduct by signing your name and returning it to the appropriate Carrie’s Kids designee.